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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Help Out An Old Friend

(From Jeanne)
Greetings all,
As you may or may not be aware, Mushtaq is in dire need of lens replacement surgery on both eyes due to cataracts and glaucoma. He has been losing his sight for some years and is now legally blind in his right eye with vision greatly diminished in the left. Not being able to see has severely impacted his ability to work and gain income, and of course has affected his life in general.

A number of us have come together to try to raise money to get Mushtaq the lens replacement surgery he needs. Without insurance, each eye would cost about $11,000. Mushtaq does qualify for coverage on the right eye under hardship criteria, but because the left eye is not as severe, it is not covered.

In a fortunate turn of events, we have found a surgeon who has generously offered to perform the surgery on both eyes, forgoing his fees entirely. There are still some costs: the operating room, medical personnel, and medications, which all come to about $2,000. We would like to raise $2,500 or more to allow for Mushtaq's convalescence during his recovery time as well.

If we are able raise even more, we want to apply it to his other outstanding and long-neglected medical issues, which include kidney disease and dental work. We will of course account for all use of donated monies to our contributors.

With the help of his many good friends and students across the world, we believe we can do this! We invite you to be part of this effort.

The fund is called "Mushtaq's Mystic Eye Fund", and we hope you will consider a donation. We are asking for $50 or more, but any amount is welcome. Surgery dates are September 23 and October 7, so we'd appreciate receiving your check by October 1st.

Thank you for helping us raise money to restore the eyesight of our friend, teacher and mentor!

How to contribute:
Checks made out to:

Jeanne Bijkerk-Pippin
with "Mushtaq's Mystic Eye Fund Share #11" on the memo line.

Post to: Lake Michigan Credit Union
PO box 2848
Grand Rapids MI 49502-0591
Att: Mushtaq's Mystic Eye Fun
C/O Jeanne Bijkerk-Pippin Share acct. # 11

By popular request I have completed the set up for a PayPal account to accept donations for Mushtaq's eye surgery which will dump right into the Mystic Eye Fund. If this is a donation method which is more convenient for you please direct payments through PayPal to I appreciate everyone's input and inquiries. I will be sending weekly updates in regards to fund status and Mushtaq's progress.

Thanks to all for their interest, and assistance! It is so exciting to finally have this happen for him.

Jeanne Bijkerk-Pippin

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  1. Jay,
    Thank you posting,Brother. It's really appreciated!



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