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Sunday, March 15, 2009

O Bobbe, Where art thou?

Those of you who read this space on the net know that Bobbe has been down for the count for a few months now. We were supposed to have him visit this past weekend, but alas.
So we muddled through and went to McDonald's...

Actually, the Michiganders rolled into town about 3 on Friday afternoon and we all started to gather at my place for the meet-n-beat. It was good to hang with everyone and shoot the breeze. Chuck unrolled his towel filled with knives. Why a towel? You have to ask?

The locals started to filter in around six and I started making pizzas with Tina's assistance about that time as well and we patted and peeled 7 pies for the crew. Tina did most of the patting as I was attacked by the Green Pepper Brigands and suffered a nick to my left index finger which required immediate assistance and hobbled me in the kitchen. Those green peppers were tasty!

yeah - that sucked

Friends don't let friends taste test at the liquor store


Then we let the libations lead the way and just chilled the rest of the evening. It was good.

Saturday morning we enjoyed french (freedom) toast and the energy was very good for the group.
I led the first aspect of the day with something I am going to show at the Gathering in Grand Rapids this year so Chuck and his minions can get familiar with it. It has a lot of potential for everyone from beginner to those well beyond me.

I'll take "The Pen Is Mightier for $500, Alex"

Too much fun!

'Fore we knew it, it was lunch time. If you like Mexican food, then it's El Aguila Real you want.

After lunch, Sterling showed us some Center Axis Relock material. WE used airsoft guns and a box with garbage bag over it to represent center mass. This was a good experience and everyone enjoyed it very much.

Good Times

Next up was Dan and at my request we did some Wing Chun. I have missed that aspect of my past and it was very fun to explore those pathways again. We focused on sensitivity with bridging and the options available depending on the situation presented.

Somewhere in there we touched on some aspects of that thing Bobbe does and worked switches with hubud. That was a lot of fun and everyone really dug that. We all want Bobbe to be better so he can show us the errors of our ways!

We wanted to keep going and my old friend Amy showed up, so Sterling jumped back in and we did some PSP. We focused primarily on the Ales (evasions) of the system. That was good to review.

The afternoon wrapped up by reviewing some of the highlights of the day. This was really good. If someone had something they wanted to go over again, then we did. That most certainly helps in taking it home.


Big Monkey Plucks...

The evening was rounded out with a trip to what is becoming the de facto KSMA haunt, The Royal Mile. This is a great pub in the Des Moines area and the food is pretty darn tasty too! If you come to town, I will take you here.

Oi! Tossers!


We used to just call 'im, Cap'n

Thinking of Bobbe

You can't look evil, we know you

In these hard times, Tony is starting a mining operation

After the Mile, we headed back to the pad to hang and have some fun.

We did a little more CAR stuff for a few people that were not around for the daytime activities.

Vocals, Keys and Firearms

Sunday was pretty much breakfast for the Michiganders and then some conversation and review of some of the stuff from the day before. We did an After Action Report for about an hour and then had to say our goodbyes until May.
Someone mentioned the Karate Kid and I turned everyone on to

Bust out the smear

This was a great primer for The Gathering of the Tribes over Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. Fantastic weekend, it's got me all spooled up for the gathering, thanks for the hospitality. Between the food, the company, and the martial arts, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

    Did you really need to show such a close up picture of your cut. *hack, hack, cough, cough* :)

  2. Jay, it was a great time. I was so happy to finally meet all the people that you've been telling me about. I can't wait to see all of you at the Gathering. Thanks to Paige for putting up with all of us for the weekend and to everyone else for making us feel like family.

    And there is NOTHING wrong with taste testing... ;-)


  3. Oooohhhh, did I miss you guys. For the first time, Jay is actually functional, BUT I'M NOT.

    The Gods must be crazy.

    Anyway, there will be next year.

    Stock up on baby oil.


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