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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spring Gathering in Michigan

The Annual Spring Gathering of the Tribes

Brought to you by
The League of Non-Aligned Martial Artists
Hosted by
Innovative Martial Arts

When: Weekend of May 25 - 28th
(Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Where: Innovative Martial Arts
2400 Grand River NE
Grand Rapids, Mi 49525
Contact: Chuck Pippin
Phone: 616-364-0019
email: Chuck Pippin Sensei
website: Innovative Martial Arts

Cost: $50 Per Person (RSVP as soon as you can please, Space is LIMITED)

Friday: Evening “get to know ya”
Saturday: Work out 9am - 5pm...Pot Luck Feast to follow
Sunday: Martial Arts and Healing , Silat Zulfikari Workshop, etc.
Monday: Holiday! Stay and get more training...or just hang out!

What will the weekend consist of?A variety of empty hand, blade, and stick/staff work as expressed through Pencak Silat, San Yun Do, Scientific Fighting Congress, Maharlika Kuntaw (Tausug version taught by Guru Buzz Smith), and other martial arts.
Instructors include Guru Mushtaq Ali, Sensei’s Chuck Pippin and Don Young, Guru Buzz Smith, and other Guests...

(Please Note:
These events are more fun that is legally allow in some States, so please check you local regulations)

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