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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inaugural Maharlika Kuntaw Seminar

Brian 'Buzz' Smith has been doing his thing for a while now. Buzz has a lot of information rattling around that head of his and I appreciate his approach in sharing it.
We started the day with some of his basic foundational principles which deal with using the opponent’s energy to your advantage.
We used the concepts Buzz refers to as “Can I have my allowance?” and “What time is it?” as well as the “coin pick up.”
Those transitioned into Buno or Kuntaw Grappling. Buzz would approach us to suggest a scenario to try out. We would say something like, “bear hug,” or “cross body position,” and he would show us a way out.

We also looked at multiple attacker ideas that many found insightful.

I have praised Buzz’s knowledge on many occasions and this was all about him. Buzz has a way of helping people understand and apply the knowledge he is sharing in an easy way.

Throughout the day we would find ourselves in the same positions we were shown in the morning; that “coin pick up” kept coming around. It did in a recent class or two since then here at home as well.
Aside from the main stuff, it was good to hang with old friends as is par for the course at Chuck’s joint in Michigan.

We had a private class for a few select people on Sunday morning prior to Buzz and Deb hightailing it outta there and we did some speed drills to help with not telegraphing our intent.

There are more shots and some videos at this location.
Do yourself a favor and train with Buzz if you have the opportunity.

Mystic Eye

(from Jeanne)
Hello all you wonderful folks,

It is nigh time (and perhaps a bit past that point) that I gave you all an update regarding the Mystic Eye Fund’s incredible success. You made it happen guys. Mushtaq has now had surgery on both of his eyes and the surgeries were a spectacular success. His first eye surgery resulted in his right eye now being 20/15. That’s certainly better than anyone else in our household! The second eye was a little less spectacular, but a huge improvement nonetheless. One reason I held off on the update was because it needed a little more time to heal before we knew how much it really helped. His vision is not quite as good as the other eye, and he still seems to have minimal cloudiness, or blurriness which has not been fully resolved. He still has some astigmatism (sp?) in this eye as well. This has apparently always been his more difficult eye, and has the worst history of high pressure from the glaucoma.

Regardless of the minor issues with his left eye, he CAN SEE!!!!! This is HUGE!!! I cannot help but mention that it has truly been an “eye opening experience” (go ahead and groan) for him to realize just how much his eyesight had degraded. This was an enormous change for him. He is so very excited about the fact that he can see how bright the colors are again (and we have had a very lovely autumn this year just to illustrate this for him). I’m sure he is equally excited about being able to drive again soon. It has been over 2 years since he has been behind the wheel of his truck.

I am immensely moved and humbled by the responses we received regarding the Mystic Eye Fund. You guys are nothing less than awesome. This COULD NOT have happened without your support. A simple thank you seems so inadequate, but…..thank you all so very much for making this happen.

Love and wellness to you all!

Jeanne Pippin

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