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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Thing on the Doorstep

This most recent seminar had a distinct sucking sound: me. Somewhere (I blame an office lunch buffet); I was infected with bad food that was not sitting well from Thursday on. I couldn’t finish my Guinness…that’s bad. Suffice to say, for me it was a slow weekend, especially after my orifices opened up during the small hours Saturday to release the contents of an Old One into plastic and porcelain.
That being said (for BobbÄ“’s benefit), the rest of the time was a chance for him to share his knowledge of arts Silat and for us to hang.


On Friday evening, we covered some aspects of Rikesan. I was really digging the joint manipulation, especially the fingers. I think a whole weekend of this system may be in order.
Visitors included several KSMA members from near and far. I was happy to pull Chuck Pippin away from his normal environs in Michigan and he brought a student of his named Ian who gave me a new kerambit (from Tribal Edge Knifeworks) as payment for staying at the house. Too many people know the way to my heart is with sharp objects…. Chuck was digging the leg deflections which were covered on Saturday morning. I was still feeling really crappy at this point so I did a lot of watching and videotaping. I know there was some other entry type things covered, but in my stupor, I just can’t recall them. I will have to review some videos. Somewhere in there we did some stuff from hubud…


Another Michigander to make the trek was Buzz, aka Brian Smith and his girlfriend (Michigoose?) Deb (she's TSA and likes to rumage through passenger's undies). I know I have said this before: you need to train with this guy! He has a way of showing you how to do this stuff that makes it effortless as it should be. He snuck a little of that in, as we all do, but Buzz walked away with a few answers to questions he had for himself and that is a good thing indeed!
Chris, Bao and Jason made it from Omaha and all had a good time, especially Chris I think as he has a “thing” for kerambits and we touched a little of that on Sunday morning before they had to bolt.
It was just Tony and I after that, so we touched on some pangamot which I wanted to cover more, but the aftereffects were lingering and my body just wasn’t in for it.
Overall, I think that we all had a good time. Really this was an opportunity for Bobbē to get to know KSMA a little better and I think that was accomplished.

lots of laughs and a little blurry

Disclaimer – As I was a little drained and out of it, my memory of the weekend is a little fuzzy.

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