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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update from Jeanne

Hi all!

I thought it was about time I sent out an update to everyone. Things are moving along quite fast and we have all you generous folks who have donated to this worthy cause to thank for helping make this vision a reality. (I'm sorry but the pun just had to happen!) The "mystic eye" fund has almost reached it's goal already, and it's been only a little over a week. We have the enormous generosity of you caring folks to thank for that, and I'm not sure just how to adequately express our gratitude. We are as of today almost at our baseline goal for the fund to pay for his surgery. We have raised just under $2400 and we had set $2500 for the minimum to pay for the surgery, and extras like new glasses, medications, and unavoidable incidentals such as gas for those volunteers who have been driving him all over tarnation as every visit seems to be at a different location across town. (thanks, by the way to all our know who you are and I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!) We haven't seen any of the bills yet, so we're hoping the estimates given to us by the nice lady at the surgeon's office are within range.

Mushtaq had his worst eye operated on this morning and he is already back home and in great spirits (which admittedly may be due to chemically induced giddiness) and all seems to be going as planned. He still has a cover taped over his eye for a few hours, so he doesn't know yet how much improvement in his vision has been accomplished. This was the eye that was entirely comped due to hardship criteria. His vision will be interesting for the next 2 weeks while his eyes are so out of balance with eachother. The next surgery is October 7th and this is the one which will incur the fees the fund was set up for. We are almost there folks! For those of you who have not yet been able to donate, rest assured that we still have time and that the funds will still be needed to assist with his convalescense as he recovers and the inevitable incidentals which tend to crop up for these things.

Once again thanks to all for their hard work and generosity. This will be a life changing gift you are giving a dear friend.

Jeanne Bijkerk-Pippin

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  1. Hi jay

    Once again, thanks for posting the follow up. It's really appreciated. The surgery seems to have gone really well and we're looking forward to success with the second also! It's funny to see him going around with only one lense in his glasses. :-)



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