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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Endurance shouldn't mean this

hey all

I wanted to ask you all to send some positive mojo Bobbe's way today. He had a really rough day yesterday. He went in for the pre-op and ended up getting the surgery cancelled. Someone had decided that they should do a "steroid and PT" treatment instead. He was completely heart broken. He called me immediately after he got home, extremely upset.
He's going back today to try to speak with someone about getting it rescheduled again ASAP. We spoke about things to do and NOT to do. I think he has a really good argument for getting it done. (not being able to work, feed his family, live, etc…and not having another 3 months to TRY something else that hasn't worked so far…) I told him he should be sincere with out being combative…and that he needed them to be able to see it from his perspective…"so, help them to do that…verbally."
So, please keep him in your thoughts today...he's completely frazzled and worn out from the pain, and is trying not to loose hope.
I'll keep you all updated as I find out more.
He told me last night that he didn't know if he'd have made it this far without everyone's support. It means the world to him.


PS: please forward this onto whoever I missed...I know the circle goes beyond people I know...


  1. I don’t pray, as I'm not religious, but I’m going to make an exception for Bobbe. I truly hope there is someone listening, and I hope that someone gives him strength to carry on.

    He's in my thoughts.

    Please post if there's anything your readers can do.

  2. Thanks for the update Jay. All I can say is sonuvabitch!
    Our whole family has been pulling for Bobbe every day, sending vibes (and playing marimbas).


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