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Sunday, November 07, 2010

A new milestone

Last weekend was a celebration at Auraria Self Defense. First, it was the 2 year anniversary of me starting to teach there. But more importantly, I had the opportunity to recognize the hard work put in by my students. It is my honor to announce the promotion to Level One in Applied Self Defense Silat the following;
Troy Bernal, studied with me for 5 years+, and really brings out the best in those he trains with.
Raja Simha, great analytical ability and beginning to understand letting it flow.
He is also responsible for me teaching publicly.
Johnathon Colvin, even though he wants to be a cop, he is still the most improved.
Shawn Sneed, came in with a lot of his own training, and heads the program, but has taken what he was given and made it his.
I also was able to induct Troy, Raja, and Johnny into the KSMA, so we have a branch here, in the birthplace of the organization.
A few pictures follow.

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  1. Congratulations to everyone and welcome to KSMA, guys!


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