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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Roll with the changes

KSMA is organic in its nature and we are still adjusting to the workings and trappings any organization goes through in times of change. In order to facilitate a more open group, we have decided to move to a “pay as you play” approach for members. Therefore, instead of paying an annual due, we will ask members to contribute to the group in a manner that fits your abilities, needs or goals. This could be a series of videos or documents to help advance the group, participation in either version of the study group (a note about the study group: if you are exploring your own art, you do not have to submit a payment per student training with you. If you are enrolled in a KSMA program, that's $10 per student training with you in that course to be paid annually - also, unless those students have met the criteria for membership, they are not consider part of the group), or another way you may help out to be settled upon by Terry and Jay along with yourself. If you don’t feel you can contribute something, then monetary compensation is the route for you at the $50 per year rate. The money goes into a pot for group use such as maintaining the website and various administrative needs.

It is still and will always be our desire that we have a group of willing participants who share their knowledge with the group freely as has been our experience in the past.
We are
also going to be focusing on Southeast Asian martial arts such as kali and pencak silat as well as more personal survival tactic methodologies such as krav maga and other no nonsense-type programs. This is not to say that we are excluding members by any means, but merely reflecting who is still active in the group. There was also some reticence expressed by those in other systems may not have fully understood the intent of the group and are certainly welcome to come back on board as we are still open to what other systems can show us.

Some archival papers are descriptive of what we were striving to attain with the group. We feel they are still the driving factors of KSMA. Among those things were:

  • KSMA is a vehicle of discovery and liberation
  • KSMA is a honbu, or non-related family (it certainly has been that, right down to the family squabbles)
  • KSMA is a tribe of common threads, interests and drive to maintain the group
  • KSMA is a reference resource willing to share any and all information

Along with those items above, KSMA is a place for you to receive recognition of your hard work either via the neutral third party aspect of the group or as a supplement to your existing rank if that is something you need or desire. This is important for those who may be outside of traditional schools. We strive to maintain the integrity of your art and the group and completely understand the limitations we put on membership will keep our numbers low. That said, if someone inquires about the group or one of its members, they will know that they are getting world class contacts and information.

Be well.

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  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for sharing these points.

    I very much like the driving factors of KSMA that you have shared.

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