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Friday, December 30, 2005


It is important that one has all their balls in order when heading into a confrontation. Therefore, when training, use this acronym to check yourself: TBAL.

What this stands for is Tools, Base, Angle, and Lever.
Tools. This could be whatever you have at your disposal to attack or defend from bare hands to a weapon of some sort. When training, check that the tools are usable or accessible.
Base. What's your structure look like? Is your body properly aligned to deliver maximum force while maintaining your structural integrity? While training, slow down and check this out.
Angle. Disrupt your opponent's energy and break their axis/axes. In other words, break their structure.
Lever. Here's where gravity is your friend and they find out it's not theirs. Once you have broken the structure of the opponent, it is fairly easy to assist them to the floor.

These do not need to be in the order of the handy acronym, but they should be used. Break down your attack and see where you may have a weakness. Think of it this way; make sure that everything is where it needs to be before proceeding. An analogy can be that when the light turns green, make sure no one is in hurry and running their red light, so check your surroundings and be aware of what you are doing.


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