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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the future

Just over one year ago I was handed the reigns to Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts. In that time I have looked at the group, discussed ideas with active members and we move forward. All things evolve to meet the needs of the community at large. I hope that some of the ideas that have come out of this thinking cause either thought or understanding.
To me, the overriding aspect of KSMA has been and is the community it forms. Regardless of system, style, or creed we come together to discuss this thing we do.
I am not an overtly wordy guy and tend to go with the flow. My purpose is to train and share the information I have had the good fortune to have access to, yet I am also the glue binding together this organization so I have to speak out every once in a while. Right?
KSMA was never about a style. One thing I think that may have been misinterpreted is the idea that we are a Southeast Asian martial arts group. Granted the name tends to lend itself to that, as it is in Tagalog and what most people consider a martial art is Asian in origin. It is what it is and we'll keep it for a while longer. In essence, this Boxing Brotherhood will always be there regardless of what you call it anyway. When one looks past the name and sees the group, the true meaning of the group is there.
When I started training more fervently, I came to understand that one should explore any avenue presented to reach a better understanding of what you have; perhaps even learn a little more. Thus, I have been exposed to gung fu, kempo, western boxing, bowie knife, grappling arts and various Filipino arts. Eventually my paths crossed a few that I wanted to stay on. For me, Pencak Silat has been the most rewarding art to study. That is not in any way detracting or belying any other arts I have studied or not, it is just what I have gravitated toward. There are still aspects I really enjoy about all the arts I have participated in and may continue to do so off and on.
I love training. I love meeting new and interesting people and maintaining the relationships I have made over time. KSMA may not be a huge corporate entity (please don’t let that happen), but what it is has meaning to direct members and their students or families.

An aside: When KSMA was formed, online forums were in their toddler years, now they are a full-grown aspect of society. Most of the time they are used as a tool for discussion free of egos, however, the occasional flame does erupt on them. Arguments are cyclical in nature as they lead participants back to their own starting point without gaining an understanding of the subject at hand. Too bad. The unfortunate truth is that we need to live on this planet together and that takes a little compassion and patience.

I wish you Happy New Year and good luck.


  1. Well said Jay!

    Looking forward to seeing at the Gathering!


  2. Thanks, Chuck!
    I am looking forward to it as well (usual?)


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