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Friday, January 19, 2007

My Turn

Every once in a while one of these fun quizes pops up and I get pulled into trying it out.

Drink Me

The Monk
You scored 33% Closed Fist, 50% Open Hand, and 80% Honor!
And so, like all things, it ends. Let's see where you fit... Your score is predominantly Open Hand, thus you tend to think before you act, and view each situation from all angles, before taking action. You tend to meet force with avoiding action, rather than retaliation. While this may seem more "RIGHT" than the Closed Fist, it is no more, and no less correct, it is merely a different point of view. But that's only half the story... Coupled with a high Honor score, you tend to be a caring, giving person, more than willing to take the hardships of others as your own. You see the downtrodden as those who need the most attention, and you will go out of your way to help if you can. Though rarely one to force your viewpoint on someone else, your opinions are strong, and you will defend them, often zealously, however violence is always the LAST option. While this view is more "socially acceptable", bear in mind that it is easy to lose ones self in selflessness to others. Seak an emotional center, and work from there. You would most likely find yourself drawn to the "softer" martial arts, as well as those which seek physical and emotional harmony equally. The various forms of Shaolin Temple, Kung Fu, as well as Aikido, which has no strikes at all, may appeal to you. Well, that's it. Thanks for taking my test. Remember, these are only suggestions, nothing is set in stone. This test is NOT meant to pass judgement in ANY way, nor is it designed to tell you EXACTLY which Martial Art to study.

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  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for this post.

    I like this post. It makes me reflect on how the physicality of a person (i.e., how they move) is a direct reflection of their emotional center. Fear, joy, the desire to dominate, the desire to connect with...all these inevitably seem to manifest physically in different ways. This is visible for individuals, and nations too.

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